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Cross posted from YotaTech.

Today my girlfriend and I decided to do the intake on my 22RE pickup. We decided that swapping the intake and the battery was the best thing to do so on we went...

Things used:
1 90 degree PCV elbow
1 3" Rubber Hose
1 3"-4" Rubber Hose (PVC was bigger on one side as they all are)
2 New batter cables (You obviously have to lengthen the cables to do the swap)
1 New Quick Disconnect Battery Terminal (Not needed just cool )
Custom mount/Random things in the garage
1 Brass Fitting
1 Cheap Cone Filter (The short kind)
Green Tea

Here are a couple pics of the intake itself:

The mount that connects to the AFM via existing mount on the AFM and a hole that was already in the wheel well:

Pic of battery and the hole drilled for the battery hold down:

All in all the swap was pretty easy. It would have been a lot less expensive if the Ace Hardware store wasn't so expensive.

Haven't had time to really go test it out but we will tell soon enough how it performs. We also did the swap because a homemade snorkel is in our future and we just didn't like having SO much intake tube.

One last pic just for kicks, this is the truck:


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check yotatech for her pics:D

That is a good mod, id really like to do it, but there is nothing wrong with my setup now, i may move the airbox to toss in another battery and move the airbox up by the intake manifold though.
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