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Hello All,
Just started my 94 22re after rebuild. Performance rebuild. 020 over, 9.7:1, Pro head, Mild port, Oversize valves, 261 Crawler cam Advanced 2*. Header, 2 1/4 Magnaflow Ex. Including Converter. Port matched intake, Upgraded injectors 10% more with 4 port nozzles, Throttle body spacer, Cold air intake and K&N, All OE Sensors, Hot Coil, Dist., Etc. Etc.
Runs great compared to old. Problem is lean mix. Timing set to factory 5 degrees. Have made 4 adjustments to vane air flow 3 teeth each time. Performance better each time. Now is slightly hard to start. Have reached maximum adjustment there. Still O2 voltage will not exceed .04 volts. Installed Narrow band A/F gauge also. Running 16.8.
Any ideas on getting mix richer? Switching to 300cc injectors? Mass Air Conversion? Retard Cam Timing to 0*.
Don't want to burn it to the ground!
Thanks In Advance...
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