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Now on Sale at !

SDORI Rear Coil Spring Spacers only $99 shipped (per set).

SDORI Ball joint spacers now on sale for $109 shipped (per set).

Combine the two for a total lift of 1.5" for only $199 shipped!

These High Quality Spacers will give your 2nd Generation 4Runner 2" of lift in the rear. Combined with the 1.5" Ball Joint Spacers will lift and level your ride. (For off-road use it is recommended that longer shocks be installed to maximize downward travel).

Longer shocks such as OME N72F front and N98 rear will complete this lift. Don't forget the OMESD33 Steering Stabilizer.

OME901 HD springs are also available and will provide additional 1.5" of lift in the rear and a slight turn of the T-Bars will level out the front. All of these quality parts are available and ready to ship.

With either set-up (rear spacer or spring) your 4Runner will now accept tires up 33" (mild inner fender trimming may be required).

Don't wait.......order yours today! Quanities may be limited.....backorders will be accepted.

As always, Please email [email protected] for questions, inquiries or orders.
Due to volume I may not be able to repond to a post in a timely manner...

Offer EXTENDED through March 31st, 2006!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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