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2nd Gen SAS thread

95 4runner 3.0, 5 speed, 230,000 miles

Front: 85 mini axle, V6 stock 4.56, Dirty 30's, Spartan locker
3" Trail Gear HD springs
15" es9000's
TG ball gussets
TG top truss
TG diff armor
Aisin Hubs, Inner and Outer chromoly hub gears, Upgraded studs to button head bolt
Trunnion Bearing Eliminator
Square drive shaft
Diff stud eliminator

Rear:Stock axle V6 4.56, Chromoly shafts, ARB locker
4" All Pro spring conversion
12" 5125's (supposed to be)
TG diff armor
Stock drive shaft
Diff stud eliminator

Wheeled it with 32's and one locker for years


Front Spartan


Rear off

Rear bumps


Picked up these 36x1350 iroks up on Craigs

New Marlin bumper


Have rear shocks that dont fit


Shakedown run at Durhamtown, and then Morris

Things I still need to do:
-Move steering box forward
-Weld rear shock tabs so I can install shocks
-Trim rear fenders

Observations after wheeling it for the first time...
-I need 4.7's asap
-Need rear shocks
-Tighten everything after each trip!

I LOVE REALLY WHEELING NOW, after doing what I thought was wheeling on IFS for years.

64 Posts
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looks good!

how long did it take ya to complete it?
3 of us started on a Friday morning and I drove out of there Sunday afternoon. Worked till 2 every morning, having said that it was a bigger project than I expected. The rear took twice as long as the front did.

Also, my all pro springs our almost flat after wheeling only twice. They have sagged so bad I had to remove my rear shocks because they were going to get damaged. Would not recommend these to anyone
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