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If you'd got a travel trailer, what size and weight is it, and what kind of mileage are you getting while towing?

My truck is a 2012 Taco, TRD 4x4 with the towing package, only mods are King bolt in coil-overs/rear shocks and 265/75/16 BFG ATs, so that should't effect towing performance too badly. Looking to buy a travel trailer in the next couple weeks, and rented one over the weekend to get a better idea of how my truck tows and how much trailer we need.

The rest of this will be a bit rambling, just to give you some background.

We rented a travel trailer over the weekend and came away really disappointed with my Taco, hoping you guys can give me a little insight. I've towed plenty before, but never much more than 2.5k pounds, and it's been fine, barely notice the weight back there. This trailer was 3200lbs dry, so figure maybe 4k with the fresh water tank full, and the food and gear for the weekend, plus about 450lbs in the bed, and 500lbs of people and dogs in the cab.

It was okay on the highway, for you SoCal guys we took the 118e to the 14n to the 58e, to the 15n and camped out near Baker, so hilly, but not crazy. I could get up to speed basically fine, but I'm not sure I'd want to go up much steeper grades than we did, and definitely don't think I'd want to with any more weight. The Taco's towing capacity is 7k, so we should have been well within what it's capable of, but it felt like we were really pushing it.

The trailer ended up being a bit too small for us, so we're looking for something similar, but with a slide-out and a full queen size bed, which pushes us to the 3800-4000lb dry weight range. What I'm wondering is what that'll do to my truck's performance, is it already about as bad as it will get? will that extra 5-700lbs be noticeable?

Got 9.5mpg over the weekend, which means about 170 miles to the tank, and because we're planning a trip to Colorado for xmas, anything less than that just seems painful, just too many damn gas stops. Then there's the Rockies, I'm trying to avoid being the guy doing 35mph in the right lane with his hazzards on, but given how the truck performed this weekend, it kind of feels like I'm headed that direction.
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