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Before all of you start saying no it wont fit i want to know from the people who run the 3+3 combo who are running 35in Dunlop Mud Rovers . I know most people say they wont but the Dunlops run about an inch small so its only a 34. Also i do mostly street driving with muddy trails hardcore crawling or flexing. Will it fit? I know the pinchweld will ahve to be beat to a pulp but how bad will the rubbing be?
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i have 3+3 and 35 bfg's, it works fine for me after the pinch weld mod and a little front bumper valence trimming, go for it, i've even got a little frontend sag and they still fit fine and also i rub when fully turned left on the frame, but no big deal, also rub when flexed out, but not bad at all, doesn't hurt anything so i dont care
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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