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If you had a 3.4 with 300k on the clock, a blown head gasket, a cracked head, and wanted to avoid having your truck immobile for a few weeks, would you:

a) get a junkyard engine with low-ish miles and swap (live in LA so it seems like that should be possible)
b) get some remanned heads and put 'em on
c) get a totally remanned engine

I don't know for sure that my truck has a cracked head, but it's throwing a P0303 code and misfiring a bit on cold startup. Injectors are new, so it's not that. I'm going to do a leakdown tomorrow to make sure but all indications are that it's a bad head gasket, and it seems very likely that I'll find cracks in the head when I pop it off.

Obviously I like saving money, but I don't want to lose any time this summer and have my rig out of commission for a while. Whatever I do, I'd like to be able to do it quickly, hence the thought of just getting new parts and blocking off a weekend to put them in instead of pulling the heads, taking em to a machine shop, etc. etc.

Just not sure whether the remanufactured heads are any good, or whether the good ones are so expensive I might as well just get a whole long block, or if putting hundreds of dollars of fresh heads onto a block with 300k is a stupid idea.
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