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3 inch body lift help

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Hey I had everything go fine on my body lift so far and went to install the steering extension and it wont fit. I ordered my body lift from performance accessories and had everything set up for a 1998 std cab 4wd. Did anyone else have this problem and what did they do to fix it. Please help me!thanks alot
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sorry to hear your problems i had the same type of deal on my 1inch body lift from roger brown so i just had to do some custom sanding/grinding of a few things and got it to work. what isn't working on yours? RED
i had the same prob. you can 1) grind down the middle of the rod, 2) drill out some of the middle hole, or three get a new one custom made.

and why won't it go on if the body cab bolts are tight? the rod can slide up and down if you loosen the bolt..can it not?? RED
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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