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32x11.5x15 w/ stock suspension?

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Just bought a 2000 trd prerunner. Dealer put 225/70/15's on the truck so yea it looks retarded. I was going to go with 31x10.5x15's but I do plan on putting on a 2.5" toytec lift in the next few months but I'd like to get tires first. My question is will the 32x11.5x15's fit on my stock trd suspension for a few months??? Will it work with the pinchweld mod? Or am I gonna have to wait till the lift gets put on for those tires to fit?


Also, how hard is it to put on the 2.5" lift? Done some basic mechanic work but never really that much on suspensions...
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You can fit those tires with the pinch weld, just don't wheel, because you'll still be taking chunks out of your tires.

In regards to your "also"; depends on what 2.5" lift you're talking about. If it involves compressing your coils, give yourself 2 to 3 hours for the front, if you have to compress. If it's an assembled coil over swap, give yourself half an hour. Both easy, just be sure to buy/rent decent coil compressors and have air tools if you have to compress your coils. And for God's sake, don't rush.
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