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They might bump alil. It will be close but I think you will be good. It all depends on the backspacing of the rims and how you use your truck. My cousin runs 2" sus. and 3" b/l and clears 33x12.50's on 15x10's. I believe his rims have 3 5/8 backspacing but all the plastic is gone out of the fender wells. It was like that when he bought it. But he doesn't hit the pinch weld. I say go for it I think you'll will be good. And won't experience and damage if you take the time to figure out just what you can and can't do. I ran 35x14.50x15's on 15x10's with 6" of sus. I only broke one fender flare.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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