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35 1250 Trxus Mt

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got a set of 35 1250 15 trxus MT radials i may be getting rid up. just to much tire for my truck. they have about 90% tread on them (4 months old) i payed 900 for them

if interested make me and offer and let me know. figured SAS guys might like them
lookin for 600 for them
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bump and i made a mistake i payed 800 for them. sorry. if any one has bfg mts or
Nittos in the same size in same condition id trade.

im geared for the 35s and im on the interstate alot so im not lookin for 33s. plus i need a radial more pavement tire for my commute. thanx anyway

and the trade part is off cuz i already got some new bfgs here just waitin to get rid of these.

1 - 7 of 10 Posts
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