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I cannot state how awesome all the builds surrounding BruceTS's initial posting on his rear bumper build for the 3rd gen. His help and guidance has made many a success, and I'm sure there are four more for everyone who has posted a build thread on one. I know I wasn't going to, since I too got sucked into all the work and didn't document each step. Those that did, thanks! The pics were invaluable as were the initial measurements and materials list from the man himself.

So this weekend I started my tire swing build out and I'll post all the links to sites I researched for help conceptualizing just what I wanted to have, the best I could figure as far as doubling up potential problems or safety issues. I also tried to use scraps from the Bruce build in order to save money and be a help to anyone who might want to do this from the get go, as I should have...

So, until I have the time to post lists of materials and such thus far, I can at least share some goodness I found to aid in my design.

And a disclaimer: have only fabbed one of the mounts, on the passenger side right now. I figure I should have it all done by next week if I bust myself...


Rear Spindle or Double sheer DOM pivot and bolt

I have to say that Shrockworks bumpers are really motivating! If it wasn't fun to make these things or I had a little more cash than time...
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