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Hi All,

Ive got a 97 3rz 4x4 auto. Ive been chasing a lean code for a little bit.

A little background on my setup. truck has 220k, motor has 60k. stock bottom end, stock ecu, balance shaft delete, arp head studs, mild port and polish to head and plenum, lce street valve springs, lce underdrive pulley, k&n full intake, tubular header, test pipe, urd rear 02 sim, egr delete with 10k resitor. All new maint items...fuel filter, fuel injectors cleaned and flow tested, plugs & wires, etc.

I plan on a turbo kit with stand alone engine management and proper fuel mods in the future, which will obviously take care of any lean issues im having now. But for now id like to get things strait with my stock ecu. it will probably be about a year before i collect all the turbo and fuel stuff.

Now for my issue.
I keep getting a p0171 code "lean condition bank 1"
When i view the freeze frame data on the code it keeps happening at 750rpm to about 1000rpm.

So far i have cleaned my maf and replaced my 02 sensors. Ive also checked all related harnesses and tried relocating my vacuum for my fuel pressure regulator to pre throttle body and post throttle body to see if maybe that would give me more fuel pressure at idle..IDK. Im now back to the original stock pre throttle body location.

Now i am still running the stock fuel pump that has 220k on it but i would think that if it was the problem i would be getting my lean code under load not at idle.

Could my fuel pump still be the issue? Could the motor just really be running too lean for the stock ecu with the mods ive done? Could an adjustable fuel pressure regulator get me by for now? Am i missing something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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