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removed from the front of a FZJ80 with ~275k miles, not much preload on the bearings but everything turns very smooth, R&P in good shape, didn't notice any noise for the ~1k miles I drove it, no significant rust.

4.10 ratio, 8", open diff, high-pinion "v6" gears, bolts into toyota 8" housings but not recommended for full-time road use on the rear.

Located in south Austin. If you aren't in a hurry I'll be in houston within a month.. could deliver there for a small fee. Possibly SA as well, or meet halfway.

$350obo (don't bother low-balling)

Willing to ship, but on your dime, plus you'll need to pay and wait for packing materials (6G bucket & lid is the best way to securely ship these, in my experience)

Will be out of town 9/19-10/3 ish.

Should have another with similar mileage in a couple months.

I don't get on here much but will subscribe to this thread. If I don't reply quickly PM me.

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