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4.56 or 4.88?

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Here is my predicament...I hoped to have 33s by now. My goodyear wrangler mtrs have lasted me 45,000 miles and still have half the tread left. They are 32s. I need gears but not sure whcih ones. I dont want to buy new tires until these are worn. I do alot of highway driving and with gas prices these days, I dont want to suffer a huge decrease in that department. What are some of your suggestions and reasons for those suggestions?

2002 Doublecab TRD v6 4x4
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I once saw a few pics of someone's truck after he put on a set of 33 mtrs and 4.56 gears. In his writeup he showed before and after pics of stock and then 33s and gears. The RPM was about 100-200 over what it was stock. That's the way I would go with 33s because I do a hell of a lot of driving like you.
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