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4 extreme alloy rims, 15x8 for 300 shipped

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MODEL 1069 alum. rims

view here

call ron's rims in edinboro pa.

ask for matt and he will take care of ya. i got a set. should be here today, wooohooo

total was 306 shipped.
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Ok, newbs, repeat as I say.

Any stock 15" rim on your taco that came on there from factory, MEANS that a 15" pro comp will fit. Doesn't matter year, doesn't matter 4wd or not, doesn't matter anything! As long as your truck came stock with 15's, they will fit.

If your truck came with ABS or with 16" stock rims, these will not fit without some grinding to the caliper. How to fix this? Get bigger diameter rims, they do make them.

Peko, you need to look at the offset, moreover than the rim width. You also need to look at the backspacing. That will determine how far it will stick out. Backspacing is from the rear of the rim, to the inside lip if the rim. Offset is how far + or - it is from the center of the rim, and rim width is rim width.

Now on with the rims.
I do, I'll post it tomorrow when I get them on photobucket.
Here's the album for my Taco Pics: (With the pro-comps on of course)
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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