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4 extreme alloy rims, 15x8 for 300 shipped

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MODEL 1069 alum. rims

view here

call ron's rims in edinboro pa.

ask for matt and he will take care of ya. i got a set. should be here today, wooohooo

total was 306 shipped.
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If you look at the site, you can buy them in 16 inch too. I think that will take care of the ABS problem. Am i right? I have 03 DC, really like the look of this one too, But does anyone know will it be a problem if I get a 16x8 for my truck?
My factory is 16x7 I think.
Yes, White taco302. but i want 1 inch wider. Instead the factory size as 16x7 I want them in 16x8. is that extra inch wide going to be a problem? My truck is stock, not lifted.

By increasing 1 inch wide it will give a better look and more aggresive look.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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