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4 link triangulated with TJ coils

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Hi there, I spent this last weekend putting this all together

I'll update throughout the week, and I will be at Az rocks testing it out for sure...

I used 9 inch lift coils from a TJ kit, and 1 1/4" heims for the links. at the other end I used poly bushings, but may need to rethink that after experiencing some death wobble last night. Check out the rest at

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nice job. I couldn't tell by looking but to you have any sort of bracket/tab attaching the poly bushing to the frame on the inside of the frame rail? just wondering cause it looks like you just ran the bolt through the frame and mounted the bushing in single sheer. IF so that could be the cause of your death wobble.
dean thats true, any time you run a triangulated 4 link on a front end with "normal" steering (not full hydro) you will get bump steer.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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