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488 seems to be the choice

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Thanks a million to everyone for helping me out with my gear fix!! It seems like most of you reccomend the 488 gears with my 35" pro comp terrains! Hopefully my new supercharged double cab will even show more torque when i get in it now!! If anyone else has any input please reply back as you all seem to know the deal and i appreciate it!! I might consider the 529 if i didnt do alot of highway driving but here on the beach in north carolina, i do.

2001 toyota tacoma double cab
supercharged with 7th injector,drop in kn filter,
gibson side swept exaust,35"pro comp x-terrain tires
sitting on 12"weld typhoon rims,6"trailmaster suspen
ion lift,3"body--- spayed in liner,tonneau cover,bed-
extender,manik nerf bars,trailmaster skid plate,etc...
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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