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thanhnp said:
I live in San Jose, CA and only know of 4wheelparts on San Carlos St. Are there any other shop that install and sell lift kits in this area or in Fremont area
When I was shopping for my parts, a couple of people mentioned this place (it's in Gilroy) for the install work. Another place that some folks recommended for the install work is "The Trailer Hitch" in RWC (I know: not SJ/FMT but) dood there; Justin I think was his name was really cool when I spoke to him. Flat hourly rate for all work. Along with these "retail" spots, a bunch of people here offered their driveways/tools/time/experience/assistance.

I got my parts from wheeler's in Oregon ( Scott and Gary were totally cool to deal with. Plus, no sales tax and shipping was cheaper than I thought it'd be. (I know, not SJ/FMT, but they were really cool and the price was right)

I had my lift (dons/deavers/5100's + tires) installed and aligned at JB complete auto in Fremont. Jorge own's the shop and is cool to deal with -- plus his prices are very reasonable.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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