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4wp 87-5883 black wheels discontinued

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Don't know if anybody else has found this out yet.. but 4wp has changed the black steel wheels with round holes AGAIN. This time they at least changed the part number..

87-5883 has been discontinued and replaced with 97-5883. Same lug pattern, same 3.75 backspacing, but now there are 8 larger holes instead of 7 small ones. I got these direct from their distrubtion wharehouse store in Compton where they are all shipped from. As they put it, 97-5883 supersedes 87-5883, and you can no longer get the 7 hole ones.

And before that, they had 10 small holes, but the same part number.. fokers and there quality control.

So now I have 3 diffrent hole patterns.. i've got 3 rims with 10 holes, 3 rims with 7 holes, and 2 rims with 8 holes. Geeezzzzz... I was hoping to finaly have 5 rims with the same holes.. oh well. On the bright side the larger holes do look better.

87-5883 was what Wheelers was selling before, I don't know what they are using or if they just changed over to the 97-5883's for the 3.75 backspacing.

I was assured they would still clear, the only thing that changed was the number and size of the holes.. but what do they ever know.. I'll find out on thurs or so when I get them mounted.
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