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I'm getting extremely frustrated with this!

4x4 started taking longer and longer to engage and "clunking" when it finally did...
Now I just get the flashing 4hi on the tree...

I've taken everything apart and bench tested both actuators and everything is clean, smoth, lubed and works on the bench
I used the multimeter with the truck on and 4hi button pressed and only getting +/-9v at the plugs... shouldn't it be 12v?

I've searched for weeks here and everywhere else to no avail. I can't seem to even find pics of my particular actors taken apart to make sure the gears are positioned correctly!

I'm about to start pulling hair over this.
Diff oil is fine, actuators spin easily, fuses are good. When I had both actuators off the collar on the front slid completely fine back and forth (turning tire to line up splines)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated fellas.
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