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With winter coming I just retired my Firestone Destination ATs for a set of Falken Wildcat AT3-116t. For the sake of internet posterity I have to give props to the old Firestones, I keep meticulous records of everything I do to my taco and the Firestones were at 70K miles with fair tread to spare!!!

Previously I've run through two sets of BFG TA/KOs and got about 55K miles, which was great. On the other hand the Firestones left much to be desired on wet roads, it became fun to play with controlled drifts on the wet mountain roads (any tire can do this but the Firestones let loose like crazy).

Again, just for internet posterity but synopsis of the Firestone Destination AT:
a) 70K on a set of tires is crazy (they definitely could've gone to 80K on legal tread but winter coming)
b) Terrible on wet roads
c) No major complaints on dry road or dirt.
d) 265/75/16 on all above tires mentioned, on an '01 Taco with ARB front bumper and steel rear bumper, not much other weight. Sees aggressive dirt with lots of granite (rally romping) and granite rock about 200 miles per 10K miles.
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