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7th Injector Kit for sale

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I have a 7th injector kit that I recently purchased from Dylan @ Donahoe Racing, last month. The kit is complete!! Unfortunately for me the kit is for a 2001-2002 4Runner & 2002-2003 Tacoma, 3.4 V6 Auto Trans. I have a 2004 Tacoma, so this kit is not compatible with my ECU. I will sell this kit for what it cost me, $500.00 As stated, it is a complete 7th injector kit with installation instructions (apprx 2 hour job). TRD Part# on this it is: 00602-17620-261 New kits are currently being offered for $995 and up, so this is definately a bargin if you have the correct model truck. Shipping & Insurance is available.
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I can take a picture and send it to your email addy. But, I am on WebTv and cannot downsize photos small enough to use on TTORA. Also, the photo that I can take and send to you will show the ECU, Junction Box, Wiring Harness and all fittings in sealed plastic bags/wrap as I have not unwrapped any of it since receiving from Dylan last Friday. If your questioning whether or not it works, per Dylan it does and I have no reason to doubt him as he was extremely upfront about everything and the fact that he works for Donahoe Racing. From all appearancy issues, per what I can tell. The entire kit shows little to no wear. Ie: No rub marks on ECU casing, wiring harness is clean, injector assy looks clean. etc. If you have more in depth questions, I can't answer them. I purchased this from Dylan prior to me leaving for Xmas vacation, (Dec.16th or so) and ask him to hold shipping until after I returned on Jan.2nd. I received the kit Jan 6th?, Think I emailed Dylan on the 7th, that it arrived.. Was going to install this Friday, but noticed the installation manuel was for 2002-2003. So, I called TRD to check the wiring diagram differences for a 2004, thats when I was told it was not compatible with the ECU in a 2004. Dylans email is [email protected] or you can check his posts here on TTORA and PM him.. Sorry, I can't help you more than that.
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Possibly sold, to [email protected] Awaiting confirmation and payment. Thanks for looking!
glassdoc said:
Possibly sold, to [email protected] Awaiting confirmation and payment. Thanks for looking!
Unit is SOLD and is enroute to Troy in CA
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