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parts are BE$T OFFER
buyer can pick up parts in Fremont, CA 94536 or can ship @ buyer's expense

2wd master cylinder with booster and proportioning valve that mounts on the master cylinder, this makes it so the vehicle doesn't need the rear lpsv (might be keeping this but make an offer)

LPSV unit (might be keeping this but make an offer)

2wd front suspension components except spindles, well, i have 1 left side spindle but it a fabtech 4" lift spindle (these need to be spoken for soon or will be cut up for scrap) (will fit 84-95 2wd)

2wd rear 8" axle, 30 spline, 5 lug, newer brakes, third is gone (have been told this was used in the 1 tons) (PENDING)

W55 transmission, good condition (PENDING)

heater core
most of the ducting associate
blower motor for it

hood hinges

gas tank, shortbed carbed

2wd 85 computer for CA Emissions RN-50

speedometer cable

[1] H6054 headlight, have 3 differnt brands (im keeping 2 of them for me though) you can have brand choice

4x4 (79-83) shortbed, black, no lights or gate, in good condition (PENDING)
gallery to bed pics:

seat tracks: tan SR5, passenger blue from 4runner
links to pics:

externally regulated alternator

gas pedal assembly

clutch/brake pedal assembly

84-88 wiper motor
reservoir tank

aisin clutch master cylinder. newer, but doesn't have the little flat float or the breather cover for the cap, but it has the cap.

will only do local sales on the tires, that way you can see what you are getting

bfg a/t 31x10.5 at least 6 maybe 20%-30% tread (new and old style)

2 trail mark apr 235/75/15 almost new

Free: Misc tires, in differnt sizes, oddball, spares, age unknown-still hold air good for rollers, good tread

set: 15x6 sr5 schrome star wheels, someone tried painting one of these at some point. wheels have 235.75/15 bridgestone dueler a/ts but one has a sidewall issue (visible cord) and leaks. about 20% tread left

1 white star sr5 15x6 wheel

set: 15x5.5 white blank wheels (3 with tires, 1 without, but can include a tire)

1 white blank, different than above with a tire (looks like an old trailer tire)

chrome spoke wheels i got from jud, 15x7 have good 235/75/15 tires on them, firestone wilderness (might be keeping this but make an offer)

any offer will not be refused as long as it doenst cost me more to ship it than is offered

may have other oddball parts, just ask

I also have a salvaged title for a 2wd toyota, the truck is registered through either june or july of this year as being a street driven, legal vehicle. i have the dash, door, and underhood vin plates--this truck was my red one that was rolled

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tehre is a drivers side 4" fabtech lift spindle. the right side spindles was detroyed.... tyhere are both sides of upper and lower control arms, both anchor arms off a 89 (stronger design) both torsion bars, both shocks, both sets of brakes, (newer, i replaced them only about 6 months before the roll with new brembo blanks. good calipers basically the rest of the 2wd suspension that isnt the right spindle.....the right side upper balljoint is wasted, the lower is intact still, left side balljoints are fine

for the 2wd minis, the 84-95 were all the same... same balljoints, control arms, etc.....

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