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Yesterday went to look at a runner and the guy had another one there also. These are not mine im just passing on some details the guy told me.

84 is white deccent body surface rust on the frame, 22r started right up, converted from 4spd to 5spd, right under 200k somethin, interior is trail rig worthy but not in terrible shape, supposedly front axle was rebuilt

86 is green and in need of paint and some body work to patch some rust spots, Its the 22rte :confused: the turbo one :p , auto, 200k somethin, owner was unable to start due to some alternator problem and the battery was dead

He was asking 2500 for each one, just a little to much for me to justify :rolleyes:

Im not the owner but this guy is Lester 409 727 4140 located in Nederland Tx

I snapped some camera phone pics if your serious about one of these


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