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Mainly posting for those who want to beef up their front housing, or to create a solid mount for your hydro steering (full or assist).

It may not be the cleanest hydro assist mount but its not going anywhere. I am also going to eventually add a nother piece of tube to act as a skid for the ram...

The truss is out of 1 1/2" .120 DOM so is the vertical tube for the hydro ram mount. The Hydro mount tabs are 1/4" Chromoly. There is a plate on the bottom of the truss to the housing, and two gussets to keep the tube from bending. The diff guard is the lower 1/3" of a AllPro diff guard and some 1/4" plate.

Filling the diff is done with a hose and a pump.

Oh... you don't have to truss your axle like I did... just don't drive like a moron and bend the housing to the point where you have to cut the knuckle balls off to get your axleshafts out! :banghead:
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