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I started with this truck back in 09. Had a blown engine broken windows faded tint and 4 different wheels and tires. I decided to try and buy it from my neighbor who just had it sitting in his garage. Ended up getting it for 800 bucks and here it is. This is some documentation from when I got it till now.
I got my truck back in 09 for 800 bucks from my neighbor had a blown engine many deatails that needed to be fixed but these are some pictures of when I first got it and some of the experiences and changes the truck has gone through.

current specs are: 22r Engine 4wd Model. Total Chaos Caddy Kit Gen 2 with 8 inch coilovers/Smooth bodys. Rear has F-55 Deaver pack with 16 inch smooth bodys. As far as future plans go I want to atleast cage the cab if nothing else get some bumpers built again and change the rear shocks for bypasses.

When I first got the toy :cool:

Cleaned her up a bit.

Got my first bumper.

Got fiber glass bedsides.

Decided to change the glass. (not a good idea in the end)

Started getting ready to for a long travel kit.

and next thing you know....

(shock is in the wrong spot at the time)

Got rid of the glass I had. And got this one instead.

Got new shock hoops made.

then took it for a test drive.

Shortly after took it out to ocotillo wells and tried out the 4wd on this thing :D

a month or so after took her out to the dunes out in pismo and bad look struck!

turns out that.....

because of this lol.

got back home and got her all fixed up.

a few months later I decided it was time for a paint job.

Got tired of the old bumper in the front so I chopped it up and got a stock bumper. :saw:

Also scrapped the old bed and got one of a 90 toy with a full working tail gate with new glass.

Forgot to mention that sometime in between I installed my rear leaf springs but with stock shocks...

now decided it was time to upgrade those shocks..

and just the other day I got these babys put on the front of the truck as well.


for the most part that is the progress of the truck as it sits now. hopefully next week I will be getting new shackles for the rear and leaving for another trip...
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