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87 regular cab yota 4x4 p/u.
32in 11.50 tires dunlop at's
3inch bodylift
shackles in the rear and i think spring spacers, maybe
suspension redone a few years ago have paperwork
5 speed
203000 miles rebuilt at 102000 (have paperwork)
changed the fluids in the tranny, rear and front diff, and transfer case there we no metal chips in the fluid.
damn frame is rusted , $800 with the tires $500 without; obo. they are almost brand new. got 2000 miles on em maybe.
the bed is rusted, only on the pan where the tires kick up sand.
no carpet in the cab. in short, the bed is good for the year the cab is great, windows already tinted, diamond plate tool box, . and is mechanically sound. its been my daily driver since i bought it a few months ago but the frame gets continually worse. i wont part it out you have to buy the whole thing or nothing.
ill post pics later.
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