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hey guys incase anybody was interested in a background of the 4runner i figured i'd post this up because i like looking at builds and i figured some of yall might too.

Its a 1988 4Runner with the 22RE 5spd. 243,xxx on the original everything
Now has...
Home-made skids, sliders, and rear bumper
Locked: FR-ARB RR-Aussie
Tires: 33x12.50 Maxxis Bighorns
2 in. BL, 63 Chevy's in the rear to fix sag and a little umph. no lift on frnt sus.

i don't a have a picture from when i first got it, but i've had it since i was 14 (04) but here is it after i put on the 33's (RidgeRunner's at the time.)

Next came the 2" BL and the roof rack(still For Sale, also made my Dad and I) with the butt ton of hellas

First scare ever, was trying to show infront of my girlfriend... The only shot i took of it but you can't see the driver rear tire was up to my chest.
Also right after i got the Bighorns as well.

1st trip to Tellico 12/27/08. had just recently added the sliders.

Decided to build a rear bumper that supported the roof rack so i could take the top off

Yacked the lights on the roof rack down when i decided to put it all up for sale. Windrock Creek bed, Trail 16. Added that skid in the front thanks to The Steel Store in Chattanooga. only covered what you see there though...:(. and added some Chevy 63's to help give my rear end that little umph to get it back to level. i used 3 leafs w/ NO overload and it just barely sits a tad higher in the back, but not noticeable unless you're looking for it. Super flexy though. sorry no Chevy pics, i was really rushing to finish them for this trip.

and got this Aussie for the rear

When i took the rack off, i knew the "hoop" or whatever would look retarded there so i hacked it off

Went w/ the GA group to Windrock on MLK wknd of '10 and Nicole snapped these. At this point i had overhauled the sliders(because i welded straight to frame w/ no scabs and added gussets, but decided to hack off and scab w/ 1/4 and gusset w/ the same), got the skid to cover underneath the diff instead of just infront of it, and put the ARB locker in the front.

I believe thats as far as i am now. i guess i can give a future plans list so here is the short term (year to 2 year-ish) list...
4.7 gears or dual stock cases
35's, trim fenders and tub firewall
Front bumper

down the road (after school)
SAS w/ RUF and try to keep it low as possible, will cut the crap out of fenders to get it as low as possible and fit 37's
ARB FR again
duals (if not already done) w/ 4.7 in rear case

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it may be a better idea to post this in 'the garage' section on the national board :)

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Nice progression of mods! Sorry we didn't get to meet ya at CC
thanks buddy. yeah i know, i was looking forward to getting to meet everyone who came up, but there'll be other trips and stuff going on. no worries. rumor has it there should be another GATTORA CC trip in a few months is what i little birdy said.
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