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hello all, i have an 89 4runner with 150,000 miles on it that i am listing for sale, i was told by the previous owner that the motor was rebuilt around 100,000 miles but have no proof of it, i have no reason to believe that it wasnt though as i have never had an issue with the truck.

i can get as many pics as you like. i will give the best description i can but feel free to ask if you feel i missed anything. the truck is no show winner. looks wise she is in rough shape, it has the typical rot in the back wheel wells and rocker panels but most of it is covered up with the fender flares on it. it has fender flares front and back. bf goodrich land terrain 31x10.5x15 tires that have 3000 miles on them i have the reciept ( $500 for the tires ) i also bought stock pickup wheels for it that were rattle caned black ( $100 ) the trans crapped out on me a little while ago so i pulled one from the junkyard and had it serviced and installed in the truck, right now it has an exhaust leak on the downpipe but that is warrantied by monroe since they just installed that in october of last year. any monroe should honor that warranty or i can get it fixed for you if you want to wait.

i put a new rear window motor, top off switch and a used rear window switch so that the rear window functions 100%. it has a sunroof but i sealed it with silicone because it was leaking. the hood and passenger side fender are different colors because i hit a kid that pulled out in front of me when i was doing about 15 mph, no frame damage just body and alignment, still needs alignment. i also put a 2nd gen front bumper on it after the fender bender

i also just recently did a tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor and pcv valve also air filter. it does not have a radio in it. the front seats have covers on them because they are torn and not so pretty. the back seats are in pretty good shape. oil was changed about 1300 miles ago as well as trans fluid

i will also include with the sale a brush gaurd and a brand new set of smitty bilt step bars.

as i said before its not the prettiest truck but she has never let me down, i drive it daily 30 miles each way to work and she has never failed me or left me stranded, the 4x4 works great. it also has a 2" body lift on it

i think i have touched on everything but as i stated feel free to ask any more questions you would like, i will try to get some real good pics this weekend of the interior and the outside of the truck

i also have an sr5 instrument cluster with oil sending unit that i will include with the truck, as well as 6-8 other wheels and tires, 3 goodrich all terrains on wheels and one no name on the same style wheel. the three tires need new valve stems. and i also have two wagon wheel style with goodrich mud terrain tires on them, and lastly i have a set of stock size 15" tires. all or none can go with the truck if buyer so desires

i need to sell the truck due to losing my license soon so i dont want the temptation there to drive it.

i have never really wheeled this truck off road, i played around a little bit here and ther but never beat on it. i would drive this truck to california tomorrow i am that confident in it

i am located in bath pa 18014 and my asking price is $1500 or best offer

email me at [email protected]

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