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89-95 Pickup VS 95.5-99 Tacoma

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I am selling my 4runner. I don't need all the expensive items it has; leather seats.

I am wondering which truck to get. The main thing I am going to be using it for is commuting from Morgantown, WV to Southern MD, about a 250 mile trip through the mountains.

89-95 Pick-Up or a 95.5-99 Taco

Both specs are: 4 cylinder with a 5 speed trans and 4x4. I am not sure if I am wanting a Extended cab or Regular cab yet.

Future Specs: will be running 33x10.50R15 BFG MT KM, with 2-3" lift.
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I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually would rather have one of the older trucks than the 95.5-04's . I absolutely love my 05 tacoma, but after owning 3 tacomas (1 reg cab, 2 ext cabs, all V-6 5spds) and a 89 (I still own)91, and 93 toyota trucks all 4 cyl, I like the way the old trucks drive much better. My 91 and 2 of my tacomas were outfitted with 4 inch pro comp lifts and 33's. The 91 did require 4:88's to turn them, the V-6 tacomas were fine. The old trucks are definately built to be a real truck, with a tougher suspension, and regular tried and true recirculating ball steering. They are cheaper to fix, and cheaper to build. The big problem is, they are all old trucks now. And the 3.0 six in the old trucks suck. But between the two, if I could find a mint 94-95 extracab with a 22re and a 5 speed I would be all over it. They are definately slower, but with the right gears they do just fine.
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