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89-95 Pickup VS 95.5-99 Tacoma

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I am selling my 4runner. I don't need all the expensive items it has; leather seats.

I am wondering which truck to get. The main thing I am going to be using it for is commuting from Morgantown, WV to Southern MD, about a 250 mile trip through the mountains.

89-95 Pick-Up or a 95.5-99 Taco

Both specs are: 4 cylinder with a 5 speed trans and 4x4. I am not sure if I am wanting a Extended cab or Regular cab yet.

Future Specs: will be running 33x10.50R15 BFG MT KM, with 2-3" lift.
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CMB1998 said:
Oh Yea. If your going though the mts you NEED the v6 and the new new V6 not the old 3.0. My 93 had 2in lift and 32X11.50's mtrs on it, with exaust & intake. it would not do over 80mph. I floored it for 25 miles on the freeway from Longview to Vancouver once night and never once did i go over 80mph. And thats over flat land. I just got back from a 400 mile round trip to southern oregon through the mts and I got 22.63 MPG and never had to drop out of 5th. With my 4cyl I would be in 3rd at 4K rpms just to get up the hill.

I will never buy another 3.0. I am looking at the 4 clyinder for gas mileage... as got being able to go over 80, that doesn't bother me, max speed limit is 70mph.
I once had a car, I got into much trouble to own another car (95 Ford Probe GT, fully modded). Plus I play ice hoceky and I need a place to put my hockey bag, so a truck is perfect.

I will be getting a manual trans, I will agree that the autos suck.

Owyhee - Where are you from?
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