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Alright's about time to plan for our 8th Annual NVTTORA Easter Mojave Road trip!!! :xdevil::xpimp::thumbs::woot:

This Easter falls on March 31st 2013!!!, our trip will be on March 29th through March 31st 2013!!!! :D
Just filled out my forms for the National Park Special Use Permit and paid for it......get it out of the way early, so I'm not stressed sending it in late! LOL!

We will be going from East to other word.....following the Mojave Road from start to finish!!! :driving:

I'll add more info as we go along here..... Add these dates to your calender!!!! :cool:


We will meet at the Avi Hotel Casino outside of Laughlin, NV.

Those of you coming from SoCal or NorCal might want to get a room there Thursday night.....VS driving all night and then again all day!!
Rooms are cheap, and you can get a good inexpensive dinner and breakfast as well........and a hot shower!!!!

Meet date, place and time:
Friday March 29 2013
9:30 am.
@ the Avi hotel gas station and Mini Mart

We can top off our gas tank, and for those with ice chests.....drain their melted water, and re-pack with fresh ice!!!!

Head out for the trail head @ 10:00 am.

The trail head is right on the banks of the Colorado River!!! Pretty bitchin!!!!! :D

Lunch will be at Fort Paiute. Occupied as an Army post between 1867 to 1868.

Then....onwards to other sites, and to our eventual camping spot in Caruthers Canyon for Friday nights feast and festivities!!!

Communications: CB channel 38
2 meter (ham) frequency 146.550

Must haves for everyone: Portable toilet system (a requirement for my National Park Permit!!!)
Then, all of the camping equipment that one would normally have.
Tent, camp chairs, tables, BBQ and or stove, fire wood, WATER, WATER, WATER.....and also, WATER!!!!


For those of us coming from Las Vegas..................

Meet @ Findlay Toyota

Friday morning March 29 2013.

Meet at 8:00 am.
Leave shortly there after for the Avi.
Arrive at the Avi about 9:30 am.


NVTTORA Ex-Prez....
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NVTTORA Ex-Prez....
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Oh shit!!! I forgot I posted this trip on the main board......well.....ummmm because, no one on the main board seems to give a shit!! :banghead: :xpimp:

But, if anyone does want to come, I made my NPS permit for 10 trucks and 20 people....down from my usual 15-20 trucks and 40 people!!!

Here is the The Newest List of poeple going so far!!!!!!!

1: Robert and one dog
2: Rich and his GF Tammi
3: Mike and Sheri plus 2 dependents (tentative)
4: Paul (HBMurphy)
5: James
6: Bobby and daughter (09tacomx)
7: John (05sport4x4) plus 1 or 2
8: Chuck (CRC)
9: Charlie (Glory)​
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