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Today's new cars are better equipped than ever, with convenience, connectivity, and safety features that keep drivers safe on the road. Nonetheless, smart drivers know to hit the road prepared, regardless of how long the journey.

Consider picking these nine items up and stashing them in your glove box or trunk. They'll help you keep calm and carry on, no matter the situation.
Read more about the 9 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car.

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Here is their list-

Tire Inflator Kit
First-Aid Kit
Battery Booster Pack or Jumper Cables
Microfiber Cloths
Owner's Manual
Tire Pressure Gauge
Emergency Escape Tool
A Roll of Quarters

That is 10 items, so somebody can't count.

Oddly missing from that list are a couple of basic items I would recommend like bottled water and a fire extinguisher. :dunno:

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I guess it's a good start.

Tire Inflator Kit - if you have big tires a can of fix-a-flat or small pump may not help much

Owner's Manual - still in my glove box but I haven't looked at it in years. Could be useful for newer vehicles with all their electronics, etc

Multi-Tool - good to have but not sure how useful if you broke down on the side of the road. Thrown fan belt for example. Learn which tools you might actually need. Seems I always need 10, 12, and 14mm regular and deep well sockets.

A Roll of Quarters - I don't have this but there's times it would've come in handy

There's many more things that could be added to be better prepared depending on the storage space you have.
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