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95.5-97 Alcans, NEW

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95.5-97 Alcans, NEW rear lift springs

95.5-97 alcan rear springs, 8 leaf packs. Never installed, millitary wraps, pro-thane bushings, ordered 3.5" lift and for increased bed weight of 350 pounds. More setup for towing/hauling then rock crawling. Beefy, I'm gussing they will give more like 5" of lift, will work with a variety of lifts with different shackle lengths.

Paid $420, SELLING FOR $250+ups

located in Portland Oregon, 97007. Springs are 56lbs. each!
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bump, I priced these suckers cheap!
thanx! With that engine you probably needed good springs!
shipping is $75 to seattle, and $105 to the east coast, not fair!
one more bump..anyone?
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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