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'96 4wd leaf spring question

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i am in they market for a lift kit. i am wanting aals for the back because of how bad mine look. after looking at them, i have notied i have one long leaf, another under that, and then the overload spring. did the owner before me take out a leaf or something?? all other i have seen have at least 4, including the overload. a friend of mine has a 96 exactly like mine, even same color, and he has 4 springs. what is the deal?? any input??
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thanks for all the input. what i am wanting to do, is get another set of springs out of a new taco, can cut the ends off, and add em in to my set. make my own spring pack. i read that a few of they guys have done it. i will try, and tell yall how it does.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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