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Hey guys, I have a shot at a 97 t100 engine to toss into my rig. I read that some of the early 3.4's (95,96 and some "early" 97s) had issues due to a poor gasket design.

Anyways, I'm wondering if it's worth taking a risk on it. I called the dealer and they told me that my vin (new engine vin) falls outside of the effected T100s even though it was manufactured in May of 97.

And just for the next guy searching:

Apparently vins (on t100s) that end in 01118 all the way to vins 34838 were effected. Mine ends in 48xxx so I'm thinking I should be safe?

Curious as to why vins pre "01118" are not effected?

Any input/advice would rock!
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