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97 taco rebuild value

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I may sell the 97 Tacoma 4x4 extra cab this year. It was a rebuild when I bought it but has never given any trouble to speak of. Just wondering how much this hurts the resale value on a 97 model truck. I can't tell much difference it this area of the country. Rebuilds seem to sell about as good as trucks that haven't been wrecked. Any opinions.
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No, I don't want to trick anyone but NADA and Kelly don't seem to have values for salvage vehicles so I needed to know what to ask and how much to bargin. I figure that it will bother some and not bother others as much if they know its in good shape. I think that it hurts newer vehicles more. Or at least I hope so. Thanks.
Its a 4x4 Ext cab 2.7 four cylinder, 98,000 mi. Oem style fender flares, Cd radio with remote, aluminum tool box, bedliner, air, a few scratches on the bed not bad,interior good but not perfect, TRD Stickers but not TRD, Reese hitch, everything works. I am putting it in the trader magazine for $9195. Not in a hurry to sell it. I just tow a boat and want a newer model V6 4 door if I can find one. Love to have a new one but my heart flutters in a bad way when I look at the price tags. Oh yeh, new Michelin M/S's this winter. That was $850. Great looking and running truck. It did have a few slow starts on cold morning but that problem seems to have gone away. I will keep in in the trader several months and see what kind of offers I get and go from there.
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