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well not as much of a problem as is it that i dont know how to use it. It has a sticker in the back drivers side window that says "Alarm Protection System" or something like that, and i have a funny little red button on my dash that blinks sometimes when i push it, other times it makes the horn beep once, and well i dont know how the alarm is set or de-activated.

But the reason i brought it up is because i unplugged the battery to do something and when i plugged the positive back on the alarm started going off and i could'nt start the car and it took alot of different ways of pressing on that button(which was blinking) to finally shut it off.(i held it for like 20 seconds, then it blinked like 3 times, then rested, then 3..... then i pushed it a couple more times and it was de-activated)

as far as i can tell it isfactory but i dont know much more
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