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If you guys are rebuilding, I have what you may need! I bought a large qty of gasket sets in a purchase this week. One of the sets is a complete 04112-62150 set for the 3.4L engine. It has been opened for inspection only. All parts appear to be present and sealed.

Online I found the kit for $424.86 on a usa website.

I then found you can order it from Japan direct through a website for $283.24 I am sure they want shipping but I will let it go cheaper for $275 shipped.

In the kit I see pretty much everything for the top end, valve stem seals, headgaskets, exhaust gaskets, intake plenum gaskets, tons of seals and 0-rings.... A ton of parts. So I assume this is for to replace everything from the block up gasket wise.

Anyways hit me up asap! I wanna get this sold and out the door. Thouht I would give it to you guys first :)

[email protected]
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