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Long story short, picked up a 99 4Runner with 95k miles for super cheap, with the knowledge that it wasn't 100%. Previous owner says "something in the transmission broke" (broken driveshaft ujoint and slip yoke) and they parked it. Truck sat for about a year before I bought it.

After getting it towed to my house, I start wrenching on it. After draining the gas tank and putting fresh gas in, I'm greeted with really tough starting, super rough idle, and foot-to-the-floor max revs of about 3k. On the plus-side, there is no smoke and there are no nasty noises, grinding, etc that I can hear.

OBDII scanner shows random misfires and misfires across different cylinders, so I change the plugs, wires, and coil packs with the same result. At this point, I run a compression test that shows ~170 psi on cylinders 2 & 4, but 0 psi on 1 & 3. 0 psi, as in the needle doesn't even move.

Visually - looking down the spark plug hole, all pistons look the same (black). There is no apparent scarring or metallic damage to the top of the piston (rules out dropped valves).

Any ideas on where to look next? Intuition says that valves must be staying open, that's the only reason I'd have 0psi compression in 2 cylinders that aren't next to each other. So, my plan now is to pull off the valve cover to see if the camshaft lobes look ok, or severely mal-adjusted valves, etc. Assuming that all looks ok, whats next?

Thanks for any suggestions or help!
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