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i am about to start. i have:
85 axle
e locker
85 tcase
factory adapter for tacoma t case to fit my 2wd auto tranny
ifs steering box w/ pitman arm
ifs steering shaft
steering lines
rear springs

will be getting soon:
t100 oil pan and pickup tube
marlin adapter front taco trans to 85 tcase
4.7:1 gears
rear detroit locker

front spring hanger
rear shackle mounts
ifs mount/frame reinforcement

what am i forgetting?
thanks for any help. i know this isnt a typical swap but im am also doing an engine wap on my fj40 and it will be down for a while. i want something i can drive everyday and still hit the trails whenever i want.

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Im assuming that rear detroit is a lockright.
Youre missing front shock hoops, Steering linkage.

Either reworking the stock crossmember, or you need a different one.

Also, your front is currently 61" wide, and youre 85 axle is 55.5" wide.

If youd like we've got shock hoops, a new xmember/skid setup for mounting that new tcase, and can build you a housing at 61" (or whatever with you want). Let us know if we can help!
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