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Here are some photos of my 1971 FJ40.

Specs as she currently stands as I purchased her 1 month ago:

1971 FJ40
350 Chevy Small Block conversion
SM420 4 speed manual transmission
Warn locking front hubs
Original Toyota 4.11 front and rear axles
Rear Detroit locker
Front Lock-rite locker
Saginaw Power Steering Conversion
Superlift 4" shackle kit
Hella headlight replacement
Chevy steering column
Painless wiring kit
4 cell radiator
Electric radiator fan
Custom rear swing out tire gate
All new Autometer gauges and panel lights
Rear seat out of a older Bronco
Front bucket seats out of a Nissan
Entire tub and body rust treated
Gas tank (new 18 gal) relocated to rear
35"x12.5x15 BFG KM's on American Racing rims
Some more stuff I am still figuring out....

Only new mods so far (by me) have been the top. I replaced the old ripped Kayline top with a new Bestop Supertop. That was done last night. (Sorry, no real before photos or build photos since it was mostly done at night).

Future upgrades are 4-wheel disc brakes and some basic repairs like front knuckle rebuilds, totally redo the electrical, etc...


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Here are some more recent additions. Sorry, no new pictures at the moment.

1) Replaced the broken radiator thermostat with a new one from Painless.

2) Rewired a lot of the electrical system and traced most of the leads back on the Painless wiring kit. Most of it was totally screwed up by the previous owner when he did the Chevy 350 engine conversion. He has random stuff just hooked up to wires they have no business being on. Like #3 below.

3) Fixed the engine idle. The previous owner had the brake light power lead hooked up as the source for the +12v on the warm engine idle sensor instead of the wire that was made for it in the Painless wiring harness. It's now fixed and the engine goes to low idle when it is warm now instead of idling constantly at 2000 RPM's - before it would only low idle when you happen to be idling and hitting the brakes at the same time. (That took some time to figure out.)

4) Hooked the Warn winch back up. Had to redo all of the wiring.

5) Mounted the license plates. The previous owner just had them tied on with zip ties. I still need to relocate them back to a better location, but they are mounted for now.

6) Pulled the brake drums and replaced them with the front and rear disc brake conversion kit from JTCruisers. Found out what a total P.O.S. kit it was after starting the work on it. Nothing really fit an FJ40. Bolts were all standard instead of metric and had to be replaced and retapped to fit the Toyota axles. The calipers were not ground down enough to fit the axles either - so some Dremel work had to be done so they would even fit. Also the kit came with two driver's side calipers instead of left and right calipers. So another set of calipers had to be picked up.

7) Replaced the master cylinder with a new dual cylinder and booster. Also added the proportioning valve for the brakes.

8) Redid all of the brake lines.

9) Found out that the previous owner didn't tighten down the brake drums correctly after he changed the pads last time. He then must have gone mudding or doing some river crossings. The entire front axle was packed with mud. Luckily nothing got in the differentials but all of the outers, hubs, wheel bearings, etc... had to be removed, cleaned and repacked. Luckily the wheel bearings didn't get any scarring and were intact.

10) Found out the previous owner also didn't cut the hole in the floorboard enough to allow for proper shifting of the transfer case. The transfer case kept slipping out of high gear and we couldn't figure out the reason. After looking it over, the guy had it cut about 1.5" too short and the throw on the shifter wasn't clearing and engaging properly. This was corrected.

11) Transmission/transfer case seal is leaking. For now I am putting in an oil return system to just transfer the oil back and keep it more or less even between the two. I was told it was easier to do that for now instead of having to pull the entire tranny and reseal everything.

12) Replacing all of the tie rod ends. All of the current tie rods are basically shot. Replacing them all with the kit from Cool Cruisers of Texas. Also adding in their dust covers.

13) Replacing the side mirrors with new mirrors. It only had one mirror on it right now so needed a passenger side mirror anyway. I decided to just replace both with the ones from CCOT.

14) The Saginaw conversion was done really shoddy. The guy didn't properly weld in the mounting plate for the Saginaw and it is just done as a light surface bead. Everything is being ground off and rewelded again and the Saginaw reset for fitting with the new tie rods.

15) Replaced the clutch cylinder reservoir cap. The old one had dry rotted off.

That is it for now. More to come.
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