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Active TRAC

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Looking at buying an 04 Taco xtra cab V-6 4x4 Auto. Read something about Active TRAC in the 4x4 models. Just kinda wanted to learn what exactly this is. Can it be disabled, or would you want it disabled when off-road?. Is it standard on all 4x4's???

I dont want anything like the traction control that comes on the Toy, Sequoias.

How can I tell if the truck has it or not?

Thanks All
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Eddie04 said:
Thanks, couldnt imagine any factory traction junk being good.
Not standard on all 4x4, but an option on non-trd 4x4 only. From what I've read it has sensors at every wheel that will detect slipping conditions and it applies brake presure to that/those wheel(s). The locker would give false reading to the senosrs and that is why they don't put it on TRD equiped. Or something like that. From what I've read it is not very useful for offroading, but good for road handeling especially in adverse weather conditions.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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