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So I got tired of fruitlessly hitting the blinker and trying to merge when cars beside don't know what is going on.

And I got a good deal on what now seem to be 21watt mini fog lights or maybe super intense trailer lights, but I am thinking they are OEM fog lights by hella for someone.

Regardless, here is one installed in the side of the bumper:

I am pretty happy with them, I just spliced them in, as long as I am not using my blinker for hours at a time, they are pretty reasonanble for the wires and circuit as it sits.

Last night I hit my blinker about even with a guy in an S-10. Lit up his truck pretty good. 21w and a reflecter can be bright in the darkness.

Anyway, the guy on ebay I got these from might have a few more, pm me for info. If you really want a set I may sell one of the extra sets I have, but I may toss a pair into the front of the bumper for some cheap and decent looking fogs. 21 watts ain't badass, but super bright and fog don't mix anyway.

Let me know if anyone wants more pics or model numbers etc.

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