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For those who use My Yahoo pages. You can easily keep track of new post by add the RSS feed to your page heres how you do it.

Make sure your signed in and looking at your My Yahoo page.

Click 'Choose Content'

Place a check in the following field RSS Headlines (BETA)

Then scroll down and click Finished.

You should be taken back to your My Yahoo page

With a module added that says something like
RSS Headlines (BETA) Feedback? It's easy to get started! Try a search of your favorite topics or websites to find content sources to add. To add a content source: [ text field ] [Search Button]


Now add the following URL into the text field
Click Search

Should come up with a dialog showing

[X] Tacoma Territory Bulletin Board TTORA is one of, if not “the”, largest Toyota off-road clubs around. We are nation wide with chapters in most states and our membership is constantly..

With tacaoma territory bulletin board checked by default.

Click Add

Thats it. Now you have a Tacomaterritory RSS feed on your yahoo home page.

You can click edit to modify options like how many to show (up to 10) and to show a short summary or not.

Hope this helps someone interested in adding this to their page.

If there are any questions on this procedure post them here.
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