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Air bags?

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Has anyone changed their sterring wheel and gotten rid of there air bag? How do custom/aftermarket bumpers effect airbags? If they disable them how is it done and has any one done anything with the space that the passenger airbag takes up? If so post some pics I would like to see.
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I haven't actually done it yet, but I do plan on removing both of my airbags. But, I'm not removing them, just to not have them, of course...
In the drivers position, I'm putting in a Momo Suede steering wheel and a sparco quick connect in for theft deterance. I'm gonna to try to make an assebl
In the passengers position I'm putting in a 15" touch screen monitor that will "flip up" when the ignition is on. I'm planning on using the monitor for navigation, music, DVDs, and engine management software. I have a laptop computer that I'm going to mount under the rear seats(XtraCab). Of course I'm also adding 5-point restraints, racing seats and a harness bar to make things a little safer without the airbags...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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