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airbag installation help for newbie

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I just bought a 4x4, 95 taco. apparently it had a collision but fixed up except still has the deployed airbag.

1_I bought a used air bag and an airbag sonlenoid. Now, how do I put it on without blowing it? If you have any steps please give your inputs.

2_Do I have to go to the stealership to plug in somekind of computer??? for reboot???

3-What do I do with the solenoid?

4-Do I have to check for the sensor or anything like that???

Thanks in advance

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BE CAREFUL!! Airbags explode when triggered, people have been killed by the tools in hand when working on or near airbags. I will do just about anything on a car or truck, Ive done a complete drivetrain swap on a jeep, but when it comes to something like an airbag I think its worth the $ to have it done. JMO
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