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Well it is now official, I was asked by the grand pappy of TTORA to be the South Central TTORA Regional Director.
I bet some of you thought it was South Carolina. :lmao:
So... did you even know that we had that? :confused:
Not me.... until he shared the link to the map and information.

The states that I will be helping planning, organizing, etc for our annual event will be Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and of course TEXAS! :eek:

So why me? Well in my past I had plan & run events for my BMW car club and autocrossing club for many many years.
Then here in the Texas South Central Chapter, I help plan events around San Antonio.

So what is my goal - to increase membership in all states, get more involvement of our current membership and of course have a kick ass annual event.
I would like to have this annual event to rotate thru all five states of our region, if possible.
But as we know we only have Texas & Arkansas that have active chapters.
I will not be able to do any of this without your help.

So in the near future, I will be sending out a poll on what you think we are missing and should try to do better.
But if you want to get intouch with me, email me at...
tejasyota <AT> gmail <DOT> com

I will of course will check out TW and other clubs to get them to start attending our events and persuade them to off-road their trucks to see how really capable the truck is off road.
Anyways, contact me with any questions, suggestions, etc.
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